Real time search may be one of the new search capability to look for from Google, Msn, and Yahoo.  Will real time search be more important than having the traditional historical information searches? 

Probably not, utilizing historical combine with real time searches will make your keywords selection important.  Viewing what was the historical trend and real time search on whats current is highly effective on whats going on in your niche.

For example if you were in the replacement window industry for home improvement.  You could do a historical search for replacement windows and see when during the year that this term is most searched.  Plug this keywords terms into the “real time search”, you can now assess to make a decision to come up with going for this keywords terms to gain traffic to your website.  i.e. “West Coast Vinyl replacement window services”, or “West Coast Vinyl replacement window estimates”, etc…

As of this writing the biggest site that is getting attention for “real time search” is Twitter.  Twitter is a microblog that captures what conversation is going on at the very moment.

Visitor Optimization is something that we are very big on. What is Visitor Optimization?, it is all about providing a great user experience.

If you create an awesome website that gives the visitor worth talking about and gets them to interact, more than likely they will either opt in or buy from you. Maybe not at that point, but later when they come back.

I guess what I’m talking more about is your content on your website. If you’re selling a blue widget show what those widgets look like and hopefully your website is laid out nicely and the website is user friendly.

Now if your website has content about a widget, then be sure its awesome, and original content. Your readers (clients, customer) are going to appreciate you more. You will build that rapport with your customers and they will come back for more.

In essence, your website will be the authority on that niche, oh boy I’m starting to sound like like a spammer. lol!! Anyways have a great weekend!

As you can see I get to the point, if you’re in business, the bottom line is to make money.

The Golden Triangle is an area on a heat map Studies shows where most people are spending most of their viewing on a web page. The area that people are looking at is the top left of the web page.If you look at the pic, see where most people are looking at by the color of the area (red).

The research was conducted by a company called Kelt, Marketing Sherpa but I may be wrong on the name, please feel free to correct me. Anyways the heat map shows the color of where participants eyes were looking on the page.

On the web page where it shows red is where most people are looking on the web page, and this happens during the first 2-3 seconds. As you can see the other colors are secondary of where people are looking on a web page. This information is key to your success on your web site.

I know the above pics shows the result from a search engine site, but this information is true for e-commerce site as well. So if you are selling a product or providing a service, you might want to put something like an opt in box and the theme of your page or the name of the product in this area.

I hope this information helps you understand what a consumer is looking at during that first 2-3 seconds once they land on your website.

This is the second part on how to use “social Media Marketing” the right way. The technique and subject can go on and on.But the bottom line is this. You want to join a forum, community in your niche. Now you want converse with the group. In other words talk to them, have a conversation with them that are in your niche.

If you don’t, they will kick you out, in a heart beat! Though this may sound simple and a no brainer, but most marketer were taught to do “interrupt marketing”. This type of marketing has its place but for “Social Marketing”, don’t do this.

Once you’re in the niche, and making friends and conversing, the traffic will come to your site, and its targeted traffic in your niche. This is what we have been working towards..

Hope this helps!!

If you think using social sites like MySpace for linking and marketing are for the birds, please think again. It is a great way of getting traffic and getting backlinks quickly without having to wait for Google to update their ranking list.

In the long term, your ranking will climb the chart, and Google will notice your authority in your niche. If you market (keywords) yourself wisely in the social media world, your site will go a long way. This article only touch the surface of this subject, but here is how you can start:

  1. Build your site – write some good compelling articles about your niche.
  2. Submit your articles to the social networks such as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Netscape, and your niche forums, and so on…
  3. Then point them to your product or service ($).

As I said this is just the start, but if you do this correctly and don’t annoy people with what you have to sell (they will coin you as a spammer), you will get that instant traffic, and if you submitted your articles into your niche social sites — then you instantly have targeted traffic!

Hope this was helpful in getting your website kick started.

Sorry its been awhile since I’ve written anything. I couldn’t find my password, duh…
Anyways, Link Building is your foundation for any website that wants to be spidered by Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc…. I realize there are many creative ways to get links. But, the foundation for getting links is to have quality sites to link to you.

Yes, that means this can be quite a tedious job of getting link, but its worth it. The math is the more quality links you get the better ranking you get for whatever the search term you’re going after.

Now if you’re in a very competitive market, then obvously it will take you a very long time to get on that first page on Google. But, the good news is that I know that you can probably rank for a lesser term, other wise known as the long tail. More on this later, go for the less competitive terms.

The idea is the more less terms you get ranked for the better. As time goes by you will be ranked organically for many of the lower tier search terms, which will help you rank higher overall and possibly increase your pagerank.

Next time we’ll talk about some creative ways to get more links, and not by software generated. Until then keep spidering!!

Are you tired of throwing away your hard earned cash on marketing and advertising and getting crappy results? If you answer yes to these questions, then we at ASM (Affordable Search Marketing) can help you. Here are a few strategies that you can implement to boost the traffic on your website.Now I’m not talking about just regular traffic, but targeted traffic. In layman’s term, its people that have a common interest that come to your site. i.e. If your site is about tennis rackets, then you will have people that are interested in looking at tennis rackets on your site. (to buy $$)

1. Get a blog, and write about your business or interest. Blogs rank very easily for those long tail search terms.

2. Write a “how to source”, all of the search engines pick up on these “how to” phrases quickly.

3. Write and submit articles to ezinearticles, and What so great about this? Well, when you write the articles on your subject of expertise. You can get links back to your website/blog from being in these articles submission sites.(and bookmarked)

4. Join a community (like,, in your niche of interest, and socialize, don’t come out with guns blazing about your product or service.

5. Research your niche keywords, go for the 3rd, and 2nd tier keywords first to rank and to build targeted traffic by getting quality sites to link back to you.

There you have it these are some simple things that you can do to increase the targeted traffic that you can generate. If you don’t have the time or not sure exactly how to do what we mentioned. Well no worries, thats why we’re here to help you. Drop us an email at

will see what we can do for you.

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