Sorry its been awhile since I’ve written anything. I couldn’t find my password, duh…
Anyways, Link Building is your foundation for any website that wants to be spidered by Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc…. I realize there are many creative ways to get links. But, the foundation for getting links is to have quality sites to link to you.

Yes, that means this can be quite a tedious job of getting link, but its worth it. The math is the more quality links you get the better ranking you get for whatever the search term you’re going after.

Now if you’re in a very competitive market, then obvously it will take you a very long time to get on that first page on Google. But, the good news is that I know that you can probably rank for a lesser term, other wise known as the long tail. More on this later, go for the less competitive terms.

The idea is the more less terms you get ranked for the better. As time goes by you will be ranked organically for many of the lower tier search terms, which will help you rank higher overall and possibly increase your pagerank.

Next time we’ll talk about some creative ways to get more links, and not by software generated. Until then keep spidering!!



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