If you think using social sites like MySpace for linking and marketing are for the birds, please think again. It is a great way of getting traffic and getting backlinks quickly without having to wait for Google to update their ranking list.

In the long term, your ranking will climb the chart, and Google will notice your authority in your niche. If you market (keywords) yourself wisely in the social media world, your site will go a long way. This article only touch the surface of this subject, but here is how you can start:

  1. Build your site – write some good compelling articles about your niche.
  2. Submit your articles to the social networks such as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Netscape, and your niche forums, and so on…
  3. Then point them to your product or service ($).

As I said this is just the start, but if you do this correctly and don’t annoy people with what you have to sell (they will coin you as a spammer), you will get that instant traffic, and if you submitted your articles into your niche social sites — then you instantly have targeted traffic!

Hope this was helpful in getting your website kick started.



  1. this is really helpful for me to add some valuable information to my site about “How to Get Traffic”.

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