Visitor Optimization is something that we are very big on. What is Visitor Optimization?, it is all about providing a great user experience.

If you create an awesome website that gives the visitor worth talking about and gets them to interact, more than likely they will either opt in or buy from you. Maybe not at that point, but later when they come back.

I guess what I’m talking more about is your content on your website. If you’re selling a blue widget show what those widgets look like and hopefully your website is laid out nicely and the website is user friendly.

Now if your website has content about a widget, then be sure its awesome, and original content. Your readers (clients, customer) are going to appreciate you more. You will build that rapport with your customers and they will come back for more.

In essence, your website will be the authority on that niche, oh boy I’m starting to sound like like a spammer. lol!! Anyways have a great weekend!

As you can see I get to the point, if you’re in business, the bottom line is to make money.



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