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Real time search may be one of the new search capability to look for from Google, Msn, and Yahoo.  Will real time search be more important than having the traditional historical information searches?  Probably not, utilizing historical combine with real time searches will make your keywords selection important.  Viewing what was the historical trend and […]

This is the second part on how to use “social Media Marketing” the right way. The technique and subject can go on and on.But the bottom line is this. You want to join a forum, community in your niche. Now you want converse with the group. In other words talk to them, have a conversation […]

If you think using social sites like MySpace for linking and marketing are for the birds, please think again. It is a great way of getting traffic and getting backlinks quickly without having to wait for Google to update their ranking list. In the long term, your ranking will climb the chart, and Google will […]